M.O.M (Mother of Monsters)

M.O.M is a tragic look into the life of a mother of a very smart but psychopath 16-year-old. She is trying to document the descent into madness. Her past she feels is coming back to haunt her giving her thoughts of is this issue genetic. Seeing the same problem starting with Jacob she once saw before in someone else. This film is very dark at points but a story that needs to be told. Many families deal with mental illness and this brings light to those who suffer from it.  Bailey Edwards plays Jacob in a way that must be seen as a portrayal of a teen who knows how to get his way and cover his true intent.

Melinda Page Hamilton (Abby) the mom shows the real fear and love for her son trying to save him. Real undying motherly love and the lengths she will go to help him. The style it is shot in adds to the real feeling of the mother’s gut feeling of her son seen from a blogging style and surveillance camera like a window into the madness.


Overall this film is a must-watch in my book it touches on many social topics in present-day and those families deal with behind close doors. I recommend watching with an open mind to see things from both mother and son’s eyes. It opens for a weeklong run at Arena Cinelounge in Los Angeles Friday the 13th of March.