The Undertaker – Last Ride Documentary Ep 1 on WWE Network Review

As a wrestling fan, you love the characters you see on TV. One character is always the same, never deluded but showcases an extraordinary view of the life in the squared circle. This character has been a continued force in the wrestling scene for decades.

As his career winds down, he wants to tell his story of how his past and present. Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker is the flag bearer for WWE for many years. Today, his new documentary has been released through a limited episode series on the WWE Network.

I have to say, without spoilers, watch it! Any fan of wrestling or any type of sports; just sit down and watch this episode. You see a man, battered and bruised, give his all to us, his fans. You may like him or not, he dedicated his life to wrestling. You will see that this documentary start a few years ago and venture into the transformation of the Undertaker from one Wrestlemania to the next. He lets his guard down and talks about his career in wrestling, life, and more.

A must see for anyone.

Watch The Last Ride Ep 1 now: