Loose Fang new video for On and On is available now!

Take a trip back to a familiar memory! Loose Fang brings a new video for their latest single On and On! Loose Fang brings a nurtured view of nostalgic days of when it was a just breath of fresh air to smile. You are taken on that memory of a family that looks like they are having the best times of their life! Loose Fang combines that video with a good take of their song which brings a sense of familiarity. The sense that you want it back yet we keep on going!

Press play and take that journey!

watch here:

Press Release:

Our latest single, “On and On,” captures some degree of wistfulness, but not necessarily of a better time. Good and bad have always been, but if we fight for our rights then we have a chance to make the world a more just place. And if you’re at all like me, loud guitars and chaotic drums give you the adrenaline rush to get moving!

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