Little Josephine: Memory in Pieces Graphic Novel Review

Little Josephine: Memory in Pieces is a story of Josephine living in our world with dementia. She see’s a world that isn’t straight forward like ours but in a unfinished puzzle in her sense. A caregiver gives her time and patience to be with her for the next few years by taking care of her. The caregiver gives us more information of dementia and clues on how she and others were able to treat Josephine and give her a part of her life back.

The story is gripping while you gulp down each episode that Josephine goes through. You grimace at things that would normally make you tense but reading it in Valerie’s words, it calms you down. I enjoyed reading this story, it reminded me of my aunt that passed last year going through dementia and how little she can comprehend. This gives me information and thoughts of what she was going through and how we as a family didn’t know how to connect with her.

An amazing read that takes you on a Ferris wheel of emotions.

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