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Photo Credit: Olivia Decker & Myra Sandwich

LILY HAIN new track ‘IMYJ (I Made You Jealous)’ is out now!

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Maintaining her distinctiveness as an artist even as she effortlessly breezes between genres and styles is what singer-songwriter Lily Hain does best. The North Carolina-raised and now Brooklyn-based artist will be kicking off the summer with two singles ahead of the release of her debut EP ‘Drifted’. The first release, ‘IMYJ’ (I Made You Jealous) is out now! ‘IMYJ’ is an upbeat alt-pop track with a sassy vibe that shows off Lily Hain’s silky-smooth vocals on a backdrop of punchy synths. 


Lily Hain on the meaning behind the song:

“This song came together after I had a weird dream about a girl I had a crush on, where I got with a friend she had introduced me to. It was really fun being able to create such an upbeat song from such a random dream.


I wrote the first verse and chorus over the top of some loops I found on the internet and then wrote the rest on my guitar. I brought it to my producer (Aire Atlantica) and we decided to strip it down to just my vocals, a beat, and a baseline.”

Lily Hain began working as a featured writer and vocalist for electronic producers across the globe and has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Dance and Friday Cratediggers playlists. Lily also has a successful YouTube channel where she posts weekly covers and originals, boasting over 350,000 views. She prides herself on creating uplifting beats and melodies from sombre topics. Lily Hain has also received support from Alex Rainbird, being featured on his compilation playlist. Her debut single ‘Graveyard’ has already garnered over 12,000 streams and showcases her enticingly intimate songwriting style.


With musical inspirations ranging between Billie Eilish, Lennon Stella and Chelsea Cutler, music has gotten Lily Hain through her darkest times. Having found comfort in relatable songs and lyrics herself, Lily Hain hopes to make music that is relatable for others, writing deeply personal songs from her own experiences. 


Lily Hain also uses her skills as a video editor to make all her own music videos and artwork. Outside of music and videography, Lily’s biggest passions lie in being an advocate for mental health awareness and for equal rights, especially LGBTQ+ as she is part of the community as a bisexual woman. Women’s rights and Black Lives Matter are also extremely important movements for Lily Hain. 

Photo Credit: Olivia Decker & Myra Sandwich


‘IMYJ’ is slated for release June 25th 2021, with Lily Hain’s debut EP ‘Drifted’ set to drop on August 6th.


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