Liberated featured in Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

Also heading to PC, see the new trailer and wishlist now on Steam!
DEC 10 — Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase has just featured Liberated among its hand-picked, gloriously innovative indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch!

It’s official: Liberated will be coming to Nintendo Switch first in 2020, but you can already wishlist and follow on Steam today.

Liberated is a groundbreaking new vision for the future of digital comics. Seamlessly merging the art of hand-drawn graphic novels with interactivity and side-scrolling action, this is an action-adventure game that unfolds across the pages of a comic book.

Liberated asks difficult questions about modern issues. Government surveillance, state-driven misinformation, fake news, and weaponized personal data paint the world in shades of gray. Knowing which battles are worth fighting, and where to draw the line between revolution and terrorism, has never been more paramount.

Fresh gameplay footage and a glimpse of one of the Liberated leaders: Meg.
It’s an honor to be chosen by Nintendo for the Indie World Showcase!

With their support we’re excited to announce that Liberated will be coming in 2020 giving us more precious time and space to refine the experience and perfect its message.

The Switch-first release will shortly be followed on PC via Steam and GOG.

While still in development Liberated has already won multiple awards and accolades, including…


About Atomic Wolf
The developers of Liberated, Atomic Wolf was founded in 2017 to create amazing stories and unforgettable characters. Atomic Wolf is a team of talented individuals, creative professionals and promising enthusiasts from many different backgrounds.

About L.INC and the Graphic Novel Framework
Liberated is produced via the innovative Playable Graphic Novel Framework developed for Unity by L.INC. The tool enables video game designers and artists to come together, blending narrative with gameplay over the pages of fully playable comic books. L.INC’s mission is to build a new genre of gaming experiences inspired by what we love about comic books: the visual language, flexibility, and the joy of owning your own collection of stories.

About Walkabout Games
The publisher behind Liberated and Wanderlust: Travel Stories, Walkabout Games is a Polish-based publisher and developer of aspiring independent game studios. It supports ambitious projects full of new, exciting, and risky ideas that evoke the kind of amazement that we all love video games for.