Liberated coming to PC on July 30th, Free Sneak Peek available now!

Liberated coming to PC on July 30th,
Free Sneak Peek available now!

WARSAW, July 23rd – A free sneak peek version for LIBERATED, an upcoming action-adventure game, is now available, for a limited time, on Steam and This stunning title by Atomic Wolf and L.INC, taking place inside a living, hand-drawn comic book, will premiere on PC on July 30th, 2020.

Download Liberated: Sneak Peek on Steam &


LIBERATED is a gorgeous hand-drawn action-adventure comic book game about a revolution in a cyberpunk world. The player joins the group of activists who fight to uncover the truth about the oppressive government.

First released on Nintendo Switch, the game will come to PC with visual improvements as well as 2 free DLC chapters and full English voice-overs were done by the award-winning localization agency, Roboto Global.

Priced at $19.99, €18.99, £15.99. LIBERATED will be released on July 30th on Steam,, Humble Bundle, and GeForce Now.

Try It for Free for a Limited Time

The Sneak Peek, available from July 23rd 19:00 CET / 10:00 PDT to July 27th 19:00 CET / 10:00 PDT, on and Steam, shows a dramatic tipping point in the story and lets the players try the action-driven gameplay. The free trial shows the abridged third chapter of the story, with many scenes omitted to avoid major spoilers.

This is a work-in-progress free sample of the upcoming game. There may be differences between the Sneak Peek and the final product.

Download Liberated: Sneak Peek on Steam &

An Acclaimed New Take on Cyberpunk

Liberated has struck a chord with the core Nintendo audience. Rewarded with a score of 8/10 by Nintendo Life, 9/10 by Pure Nintendo, and 8/10 by NintendoSoup, Liberated was praised for its unique hand-drawn visuals, a relevant and universal message, and its full and unparalleled commitment to the comic book narrative.


  • “An atmospheric, absorbing treat” – 8/10, Nintendo Life
  • “More than just a game” – 8/10, NintendoSoup
  • “An incredibly well-crafted game that executes both story and gameplay excellently” – 9/10, Pure Nintendo
  • “A standout title, both experimental and engrossing” – 9/10, Nintendo Enthusiast
  • “Fine example of how games can enhance storytelling” – 84%, Switchaboo

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About Walkabout Games
The publisher behind Liberated and Wanderlust Travel Stories, Walkabout Games is a Polish publisher and developer of aspiring independent game studios. It supports ambitious projects full of new, exciting, and risky ideas that evoke the kind of amazement that we all love video games for.

The producer of Liberated video game and the developer of the innovative Playable Graphic Novel framework, first used in Liberated. The tool allows video game designers to blend the narrative with gameplay on the pages of fully interactive comic books.’s mission is to craft new gaming experiences inspired by everything we love about comic books: the visual language, flexibility, and the joy of compiling your personal collection.

About Atomic Wolf
Atomic Wolf was founded in 2017 with the purpose of creating games based on amazing stories and unforgettable characters. Its team is comprised of talented individuals, creative professionals, and promising enthusiasts from many different backgrounds with experience in game development, project management, marketing, and sales. Our people are our greatest asset and we’re passionate about what we do.

About Roboto Global
Roboto Global is a company based in Poland and established in 2002. It specializes in game localization, film translation, and literary translation. Over time, the company has extended its range of services to include dubbing, linguistic quality assurance (LQA), functional quality assurance (FQA), and focus testing. In 2020, it acquired and further developed the Sound Tropez recording studio, now known as Roboto Sound. For almost two decades now, Roboto has collaborated with the largest global game publishers. Every year, millions of words in dozens of languages flow through the keyboards and microphones of the company’s specialists.