Legendary Chicago Band Naked Raygun’s ‘Over The Overlords’ Out Now on Wax Trax! Records

Four decades running, Naked Raygun is one of the most important
bands in the history of Chicago punk rock. The band has also
been credited with creating “the Chicago sound.”

Naked Raygun was formed in 1980 by Santiago Durango (guitar),
Marko Pezzati (bass) and, soon thereafter, Jeff Pezatti
(vocals). Jeff Pezzati has been the sole constant member through
multiple personnel changes.

The band was initially active, and prolifically so, from
1980-1992, releasing five studio albums: Throb Throb (1985), All
Rise (1986), Jettison (1988), Understand? (1989), and Raygun…
Naked Raygun (1990).

The viny release of ‘Over The Overlords’ is available in two variants.

Standard LP with all 11 songs (+ Outro)

In Black & Red (Black/Grey version has sold out)

Deluxe 2 x LP (includes the full album + Paul Barker remix + 4 live songs)

CD format includes full album + Paul Barker remix + 1 live song

Buy on Wax Trax!

Following disbandment in 1991, Naked Raygun played a reunion
show in 1997, and then reunited “for good” in 2006, starting
with a performance at Chicago’s Riot Fest.

And now, 15 years into their resurrection, Over The Overlords has been released on Wax Trax! Records. The album is the band’s
sixth, and their first in 31 years. Sadly, it is also the final
record to feature longtime bassist, Pierre Kezdy, who passed
away from cancer late 2020 following the completion of recording
the new album.

Over The Overlords LP consists of 11 new songs with the CD
format containing two bonus tracks: A remix of “Living In The
Good Times” by Paul Barker and an unreleased live version of
“Knock Me Down”.

The current lineup consists of members Jeff Pezzati, Eric
Spicer, and Bill Stephens, with Fritz Doreza stepping in to take
Pierre’s place.

“We are so happy to be bringing you the first full length album
from Naked Raygun in over 30 years,” the band writes. “The band
has so much history with Wax Trax!”

“Besides being an amazing record, the thing that makes us so
happy about this album is the fact that Pierre’s first release
was on Wax Trax! in 1981, and the last album he recorded before
his passing is this current Naked Raygun release,” says Wax
Trax! owner Julia Nash. “We are honored to be a part of Pierre’s
first and last release on the label.

“We’ve had a very special history with Naked Raygun for decades
and this felt right on so many levels.”

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