J&V’s Toys, Games And More Bring Collectables To The Valley

As a former resident of the Rio Grande Valley, I do make a journey to come back once a year to visit family and friends that live in Harlingen. I was recently told by a friend that I needed to drop everything I’m doing at the moment and hurry to see him at this location. I put the address on my GPS and went in search for this place I needed to be at. Once I got to the location and went inside, I heard the sounds of fireworks and ringing bells in my head. I was literally at home!

The store is called J&V’s Toys, Games, and More and is located in Harlingen, TX. Yes, right in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley is a collectible store for us collectors! When I got there, I was walking around wiping my glasses as I thought I would never see the day where Harlingen would have a store that you can literally geek out at.


We found a little bit of everything in the store to satisfy the die hard fan of any type of collection. They had not only a huge supply of pop’s but also had an amazing amount of collectible hot wheel cars and accessories. They had isle ways of horror related items such as Pin Head and Alien but also hard to find gaming items such as Halo and Halo 2 figurines. They had statues of various Marvel and DC characters and also had some hard to find collectible Nintendo and Mario branded items. We will posting pictures of those items on our FACEBOOK page soon!


Drop The Spotlight Gaming member Josh was able to give us a tour around the store and introduce us to the owners of the store as well. They let us know about the collecting scene in the valley, how they started as well showed us some of their favorite items in the store.  We were able to go live on Facebook from Drop The Spotlight’s FB page

Check out Facebook Video Here:


When you want to travel to the Rio Grande Valley and need to piece together your collection, stop on by at J&V’s. The staff is very outstanding, nice and willing to help you find that collectible that is needed for your collection.

Find out more information for J&V on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and their address is:

1005 W Harrison Ave
Harlingen, Texas

and soon we will post a Youtube and Twitch Video of our cool journey in the store.