GRAVENEYE Graphic Novel Review

A shocking, smooth story of obsession and passion comes to light in this new graphic novel titled Graveneye! I was floored after reading this graphic novel on how this story showcase individuals pain and transformed them into hunger and desire.

Here is our review below:

The story starts off with a narration from someone or somethings point of view. You learn about the owner of this house named IIsa who hires this maid Marie to clean her home on various days. We learn more about the life of IIsa who enjoys hunting animals and mounting them on display in the cellar as her trophy room. Marie comes a lot to clean the home but we start to notice bruises, cuts and more on her face and body. Then, Marie becomes obsessed with IIsa as she learns more about her demons. Afterwards, towards the end is a battle of wits against various demons and showcases a view many didn’t think would happen.

I enjoyed reading this graphic novel as later on the story, spoiler alert, the narration was done by the actual house. I thought that was very unique in that point of view and how dedicated that home is for its master. The art in each page of the graphic novel gave the reader a sense of emotion the house experiences through Marie and IIsa. You can feel emotions being misunderstood from the characters while experiencing each other’s view of what they thought they were doing with each other was right. Dig this story hard!

Rating: 10 out of 10

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