Enjoying the Underground – Desh Music Review

The sounds of the streets speak in languages many don’t understand and comprehend. The language is shared by the few that are aware of the meanings and translations. The sounds and stories are captured through the verses of the next album by Desh. The album speaks of enjoyment, pleasure and deploying the languages spoken to Desh through numerous conversations. 

Enjoying the Underground is an album that takes those numerous languages and translates the stories from the streets. The language is spoken through the music of Desh and boy it doesn’t disappoint!!!

The songs I’m enjoying currently: Money Change, Enjoying the Underground, I got Hip hop, Misunderstood and Coming Down. I have been a huge fan of Desh’s past albums and this hits the hardest. I enjoy the stories told through the music, the beats that expands the music through different layers of an odyssey and of course Desh lyrical craft.