JordiLight is the flashlight made for the daring, for the life-saving, for the night owls. With functions beyond that of any flashlight you’ve used before, this is the ultimate tool to help you see, explore and conquer when your eyes aren’t enough. It will be unveiled during 2022 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in the Eureka Park start up exhibit, January 5-8 in Las Vegas, NV, booth # 61333.
Imagine trying to blaze new trails on rugged terrain in a small sedan. That’s what using a regular flashlight can be like, but JordiLight is designed specifically to be like the most equipped SUV of its industry. Every aspect of its versatile, high-function design is intended to make its users feel empowered with light wherever they are – rain or shine.
What distinguishes JordiLight?
  • JordiLight is a flexible, completely waterproof flashlight that can be hand-held, worn around your head or attached to anything from a backpack, belt-loop or helmet.
  • The flashlight comes with an app so that it can be easily controlled by your phone (versus constantly having to fuss or remove it from where it’s attached during your journey.
  • Beyond just helping its owners see, it can also protect them from harm. If the person wearing or holding JordiLight falls, the flashlight detects it and goes into emergency mode. It then automatically sends a help signal via the app on their phone to a pre-saved contact.
  • This life-saving technological development was created not only for adventurers, but so that JordiLight can be a paramount tool for professionals, from police to military to construction workers and scuba divers.
JordiLight comes equipped three modes tailored to the experience for which it’s being used: SCANNER MODE for night-time excursions by foot, by paddle or on wheels, PARTY mode to make you the life of the party indoors or out and COMPASS mode so its built-in compass can help you navigate challenging situations.
In addition, it has many easy-to-use and functional features including:
  • 256 color options, plus pure white.
  • TEN Own Modes (I think “custom” or “user created” modes sound better)
  • Eight Preset Modes
  • A range of brightness levels that make it valuable for someone needing 100% full light, 50%, or 25% for a dim-lit camping dinner.
To learn more about JordiLight, visit its website, InstagramFacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

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