Interview with Dark Rain

Today, we sat down with Dark Rain to learn more about each member’s inspiration to write music, heroes, and much more! Be sure to check out their music below on Spotify after the interview!


Our Questions to the band:

  1. What is your inspiration to write your music? Is it your surroundings?
  2. What type of music did you listen to growing up
  3. Is there someone you looked up to as a hero
  4. If You Weren’t a musician what would you be doing today?
  5. What advice do you have for our fans out there that want to create music?

Dark Rain Responses:


  1. usually life experiences, sometimes this crazy world around me.
  2. A wide variety I got a boom box and my first albums were Van Halen 1984 ,Quiet Riot Metal Health, Kenny Rogers The Gambler, Lionel Richie Cant Slow Down, Huey Lewis Sports, and Michael Jacksons Thriller , I alsogot to see all the local Country Rock bands at the American Legion Dance playing CCR, Jim Croce, Alabama, Eagles, and many others.
  3. Musically, my Uncle David Daigle he had a local band, they were very old school nice tight harmonies, two guitars 50s and 60s stuff early Eagles, personally my Mom she raised me pretty much as a single mom, and made sure I was always her first priority.
  4. Running a Pizzaria, or a corporate raider of some sort , maybe a history professor
  5. Learn from other players, jam with many different people this will help you build yourself into a better musician, follow your dreams, and never give up



1.). I’ll use an example.. “Skit” and “Nevermore” were written during a volatile relationship which ended when he choked me unconscious…  Worst day of my life…and we  performed it LIVE for the first time 4 days later!!!


2.)  I didn’t really have a choice… I listened to whatever my “parents” listened to… I used ” because I was a system kid.. I didn’t have my own raido/ Walkman till I was 14…


3) I can’t say I had HEROS.. but definitely influenced by Stevie Nicks…Pat Benatar. .Joan Jett…Lita Ford.. Strong Women Makin music!!!!


4) I don’t know…. (sorry prob rocking the gas station)


5.) I can honestly say I have answered this before.. a little girl came up to meet us after a set and told her mom and me she wanted to be a singer (like me) I told her… its hard work but it’s fun and there WILL be people who say you CANT do it or you’ll never amount to anything as a band… those will be the people you strive to prove wrong… follow your dream and be the star you were born to be!!!




1-Im not much of a writer but if i have an idea, I share it with the band. It’s how it should be. Group effort.

2-Actually started out with older country like Kenny rogers and Charlie Rich. My folks listen to it. As I got older and experiencing things on my own, I got into rock and metal.

3-I really didn’t have any particular musical influence when I was younger. The United States Navy flight demonstration squadron The Blue Angel’s were my heroes.

4-Probably doing the same thing I am now with less self confidence. Being a musician playing live and not sucking is the ultimate confidence booster. Lol.

5-Never give up on your dreams  and ambitions. Work hard and play hard. Don’t take shit from anyone


1) My inspiration for writing music comes from my feelings and how I interpret those feelings. Sometimes an idea will just pop into my head.


2) As a young boy whatever was on the radio is what I listen to. my dad like to listen to country and my mom was into contemporary and classical. As a teenager I was introduced to rock. Some of my favorites were Kiss, Aerosmith, quiet riot, Twisted Sister. In high school I was introduced to metal where I discovered some of my most favorite bands, Metallica, iron maiden, overkill, testament, savatage, death angel.


3) I don’t really have a hero but my music playing and writing has been influenced from the lakes of James Hetfield of Metallica, Alex Skolnick of testament and a little bit of Chris Olivia of savatage.


4) growing up I was fascinated with airplanes and had dreams of being a jet pilot or even an astronaut.


5) be yourself and follow your instincts. Don’t let anyone say you can’t do it. Never give up and be true to yourself.


1 my inspiration to play and write music comes  from my family was inspired by watching and learning to play guitar from my father.


2 i mostly listened to rock and roll like ac/dc and metallica. Nirvana was in my stack of tapes along with ledzepplin and aerosmith. You know the classics.


3 my father has always been my hero. Always there for support in whatever i choose to do.


4 i have always wanted to own my own sustainable farm.  Veggie gardens and chickens and other barn yard animals mooo.


5 just do what makes you happy. Practice  a lot work hard have fun