Renowned and multifaceted singer-songwriter Virlán Garcia obtains the #1 position on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart, with “Híbrido”,positioning him as one of the most important and respected artists of the genre. Virlán has been characterized as being one of the most diverse creators; throughout his career, he has been able to interpret different genres, from sierreño to corrido trap and even romantic ballads.
The corrido sierreño corresponds to his latest album of the same name, which has received more than 45.1 million plays across all streaming platforms, its music video has more than 19.7 million streams on YouTube and Virlán has recently been recognized as a “Radar México” artist by Spotify Mexico.
This is the third time Virlán García enters the Top 10 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay and the first time he earns the #1 spot. He previously entered the chart with singles“Quiero Reintentarlo” and “Mi Vida Eres Tú”, consolidating him as one of the most promising emerging talents of Regional Mexican music.
“I feel content, happy and grateful with my whole team, my label and my management. The truth is, well this is my first #1 hit after so many years wanting to obtain a #1. We had reached the Top 10, but never a number 1 and it is a beautiful sense of satisfaction, and it is also all thanks to the support of the people who make this possible and we hope it is the first number one hit of many more in the future. I feel very blessed, content and enthusiastic to continue working on music, this is what we work for, this is what we live for and this is what we are thankful to life for, to God and to our fans who make this possible”, commented Virlán.
Almost as if to celebrate the feat, this Thursday, May 12th, Virlán will release his new single, “El Tony”, featuring Daniel Vásquez, an emerging artist and friend. This song is much more friendly, but just as fiery as the corridos on Híbrido, García’s most recent album. His agility in being able to compose these kinds of stories is reflected again in this song, which speaks to the struggle to overcome and achieve one’s goals. It will bring joy to music lovers of norteño music, and they won’t be able to take “El Tony” off repeat.

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