Interview with Catching Mangoes

Today, we sat down with Catching Mangoes to talk music inspiration, what would they be doing if they weren’t musicians and much more! Be sure to check out their music below after the interview!


What is your inspiration to write your music? Is it your surroundings?


We have recently recorded and released a concept album about a young lad called Kevin who is trying to escape his small hometown in search of his long-lost father and the truth about the town. We are from a little village, so I suppose this has influenced us in writing music – exploring more of the world and seeing the sights that are there to be seen.

What type of music did you listen to growing up?


First album I bought was Umbrella by Rihanna hahah, still a banger. I’ve always been into Rock music, always loved Led Zeppelin and Arctic Monkeys, both of which I still love now.

Is there someone you looked up as a hero?

Hero may be a bit strong but I love the way Alex Turner changes up the scene of Arctic Monkeys to keep it fresh and interesting, super excited to see what they have planned next.

If you weren’t a musician, would you be doing today?

Unfortunately, we do not do this full-time at the moment and some of us are also work fulltime jobs or studying. But I can’t imagine I’d be doing anything quite as fulfilling as writing and producing music in my spare time if I didn’t play music.

What advice do you have for our fans out there that want to create music?


Do it! Find some pals with similar interests and get the ball rolling, no one will do it for you