Sentient sword chop ’em up adventure Slash Quest is out now exclusively on Apple Arcade

With great sword comes great responsibility

Saskatchewan, Canada – October 2nd, 2020 – Big Green Pillow and Noodlecake Studios are proud to announce that Slash Quest is out now exclusively for Apple Arcade on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS, offering optional full controller support. Slash Quest tells the tale of an ever-growing sentient sword on a search for its beloved queen and the shepherd who tags along for the ride.

Don’t wield the sword, let the sword wield you! Slash Quest flips the script on conventions, telling the story of Swordie, a talking sentient sword who convinces the hapless shepherd, Shep, to be their vessel and join them on a quest to save the Queen and her beloved Queendom. And thus Slash Quest puts you in the shoes of an unlikely knight with a big heart, an even bigger weapon, and absolutely zero skills. However, with Swordie at the helm, the pair will have the ability to slice, dice, chop and carve (among other things) their way to victory!

Slash Quest‘s hero, Swordie, is simultaneously man’s best friend, a noble crusader, and a nifty kitchen utensil,” said Big Green Pillow Creative Director and Founder Andre Rodrigues. “We think players will have a blast mastering all of Swordie’s ubiquitous, ever-surprising purposes.”

Swordie and Shep have an epic adventure awaiting them with Swordie as their only tool, so whether it’s enemy chopping, puzzle-solving, door unlocking, river crossing, fire setting, gear spinning or anything else — Swordie is the answer! Expect all manner of unexpected scenarios with fun, innovative solutions across 12 levels of sword-tastic gameplay possibilities. Along with the ever-growing nature of Swordie, there are 12 upgradeable skills to enhance our dynamic duo even further. As the adventure unfolds, meet several charming characters who will help you on your quest.

Additional content abounds in Slash Quest, with dozens of side-quests and challenges spread across its world. Rewards and secrets include over 20 cosmetic items, giving players the option to customise our unlikely heroes to their heart’s content. There are also a host of Swordie-based mini-games for extra fun, complete with Game Center Leaderboards integration, giving players the option to flaunt their sword mastery. All of this is wrapped up in a charmingly chunky and colourful audiovisual presentation featuring an original soundtrack by Breakmaster Cylinder.

Slash Quest is launching on Apple Arcade this fall, playable on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS with optional full controller support.

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About Big Green Pillow
Big Green Pillow is an indie studio in Brazil making quirky games with big personalities. The small team of friends made their first game together almost ten years ago and have since worked with partners big and small on multiple platforms, always focused on highly stylized character-driven games that surprise and delight.

About Noodlecake Studios
Noodlecake Studios is a small indie game studio based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Founded in early 2011, Noodlecake found success with its first game, Super Stickman Golf, and has since expanded into publishing, releasing games on multiple platforms.