Gun Honey #2 Comic Book Review

Gun Honey Issue 2 is back with a bang! Joanna is trapped as the person got her trapped in an awkward situation. She then realizes the person that knew where the gun is planted is the same person that hired her for the situation. The guy decides to change the situation and send Joanna to hide a gun inside a prison.

Joanna takes us a ride in her past memory with her father and her brothers during the situation with the guy. She then talks about loving to have fun and blowing off some steam. She has some fun meeting another female at the club and proceeds to enjoy her at home. Then, Joanna talks about that she drugged her after the fun time so she can impersonate her as a employee at the prison. What happens next is just shocking and crazy!

I enjoyed this issue as we discovered more about Joanna and her rise as a deadly gun for hire, well, proper gun hider. I enjoyed the back story of her family life as well as what happened when her father and brothers passed in that explosion. A well written issue that provided some juicy information of would could happen next issue. Also, big ups to the artists of this issue, that fun scene where Joanna and that female employee enjoying themselves was done pretty damn good! Great job!

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