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Inside the Rain Review

Inside the Rain is a story of Ben Glass (Aaron Fisher) a bipolar man trying to finish college. He meets a one night stand at college that he becomes a bit obsessed with when things don’t go his way. Ben decides he going to live up to his “Recklessly Extravagant” lifestyle as he calls it. Downing a ton of pills he ends up in the hospital. The one-night stand girl comes to check on him only to find him taking his meds for the night she calls the school’s suicide hotline only to get kicked out of school for the two-strike policy. He tries to explain what happened to no avail. Kicked out of school he gets it in his mind he will make a film to show his innocence. His parents and the therapist played by (Rosie Perez) are aginst it he will not back down.

One night he goes to a strip club after leaving he sees a beautiful woman from the club getting harassed by three drunks guys. Ben jumps in to defend her striking up an odd friendship with her. He meets with a movie producer friend played by (Eric Roberts) he trying to cast Emma in his film. Time and money are not on Ben’s side to make his film he tries a go fund me to raise the cash. A last-second donation makes it happen only for things to take a new turn.

Over a great indie film with some amazing actors and some up and coming ones. The story was well done had me hooked and feeling for Ben’s dilemma. I was in his corner wanted him to show everyone he was not trying to kill himself again. A great film from writer and director as well as star Aaron Fisher.