How to Kill Your Roommates and Get Away with it Review

How to Kill Your Roommate and Get Away with it is a film by Pat Kusnadi. Starring Nicole Cinaglia as Ellie and Dave Sheridan and Felissa Rose. Ellie is a struggling student trying to finish school but things are not going so well at her place. Living with her friend April (Lara Jean Sullivan) things take a dive when her Boyfriend starts to live with them and freeloads.

The tension starts to build at home with Ellie and April as the boyfriend takes her parking spot and makes Ellie feel like a third wheel in her own home. On a lunch date with her friend Jacob (Hunter Johnson), she vents to him her issues he as a good friend who is friend-zoned. He offers to let her stay with him she not having it so he jokingly says kill them.

After she goes back home to all hell breaking loose in a fit of rage she throws a can and hits April. Things go up in flames as April tries to drown her in the pool. Setting Ellie off and calling Jacob to plan out the murders. Jacob was joking with her but the offer of her sleeping with him turns him into an expert in murder. Only things are about the get real quick and I won’t spoil the ending.

This film overall was funny in a dark way and a fun one to watch. The way they set up how they would kill them is a fun touch. The scenes where Dave and Felissa come out are brilliant how it was done in the film. They are both horror movie icons and work so well on screen together. I give this one a solid 7.5 out of ten great story you can feel Ellie’s rage and its dark humor. A fun film to check out for sure my only issue was a lot of dialogs and a bit of a slow burn to start but it picks up. Some scenes with Dave and Felissa would have been great. A good film overall so be sure to check it out on October 3.