IDLE Death Knight Global Release

IDLE RPG 《IDLE Death Knight》 developed by Superplex and published by Neowiz has officially been released globally through Google Play and the Apple App Store on October 26.

Easy and fast IDLE Game 《IDLE Death Knight

First released in April in Korea, 《IDLE Death Knight》 is a game in which gamers can level up a Death Knight character through an easy auto-battle system.
The Death Knight can be powered up through more than 100 equipment, relics, skills, etc.

Various content including a dungeon with more than 1000 stages!

As IDLE Death Knight is an IDLE game, the game has been designed so that gamers can easily and swiftly power up their Death Knight by adding auto-battle, farming, and offline power-up system.
To celebrate the global release of the game, those who start the game within the first two weeks will receive an SS-Grade Weapon Box, Amethysts, Equipment Draw Tickets, and many other rewards.
Also, a Halloween roulette event is ongoing in which gamers can obtain additional rewards.

Content including PVP, Guild Raid, etc. will be added in future updates.