Houston Rodeo Fun Times For Everyone

The mammoth that is viewed from highway is a stadium called Reliant Stadium that has multiple arenas including Reliant Center, Astrodome and a few others. The stadium is not only home to the Houston Texans football team but is also home to the Houston Rodeo.

My family and I made the trek from San Antonio to Houston which is only a 2 hour drive and went as smooth as anyone could think of. We made it in Houston and stayed with some family and enjoyed each other’s company and talked the latest news that is most likely seen on Facebook.

We then made the trek to the rodeo and was greeted with an easy access to the stadium. I was playing in my head of traffic backed up on the highway to get into the stadium but the traffic was fairly minimal and saw the abundance of parking there.

The access to get to the stadium was easy and unique and going into the rodeo was easy and fun.

We enjoyed the amount of animals there and my children touched the goats and saw tons of horses as my children loved them.

We then ate some delicious food such as corn dogs, funnel cakes, huge cookies, and more. I was able to try alligator and I have to say, its pretty good. My phone did take some damage as I dropped it and had to get it replaced losing my pictures of our family having fun. The thing that still remains is our memories of attending this awesome event and gaining images in my mind that will forever be part of my life.

We not only enjoyed our trek to the Houston Rodeo but enjoyed the friendliness that we experienced with the staff at the Houston Rodeo. We were greeted like their family and was shown why they are considered one of the best rodeos in the nation. I will come here again with my family next year and enjoy it much more!