Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation – Titan Comics Review

By: John C. Mayberry


As many of you know already, I’m a huge sucker for the video game.  Old, new, I love them all.  Except for E.T. on Atari 2600.  Not that one, ever.  Someone needs to apologize for that abomination.  Anyway, as current generation games are concerned one that has captured my attention quickly was Horizon: Zero Dawn.  The premise of the game itself is one I already consider to be the stuff of sci-fi legend, so needless to say I was stoked to be able to check out Titan Comics’ Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation.


I’ve read or several comic book adaptations of video game properties, but this one here I have to say trumps them all.  The creative team involved stay consistent with the art style, character designs and the breathtaking environments perfectly, with an engaging story that takes place within the game’s events, showing you a more detailed account how everything plays out.  Only drawback, which I feel weird even saying because this book completely nailed the aura of the game, is that if reading the comic is your first exposure to Horizon: Zero Dawn, there may be a little confusion as to when the comic’s events take place exactly, especially without previously experiencing the game for yourself first.


Regardless, Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation is a fantastic compliment to the game and very much worth a read.  Even if at first it’s unclear as to when exactly this comic takes place in the sequence of the game’s events, the story will pull you in, keep you engaged the entire way, and yes, absolutely wanting to see what happens next.  After reading how amazing this book was, it’s easy to see part of why the game earned so many awards nominations and wins.



Artwork – No other way to describe it but breathtaking.  The look of the characters is perfectly transitioned from game to comic, the environments as well are done in a way that completely immerses you in the expansive environments you experience while playing the game.  Absolutely the way I would have imagined how this game would have looked in comic book form.

WritingHorizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation is written in an interesting way in that the story is told with a series or transitions between past and current events, which is done perfectly and moves the story along perfectly while giving more depth to the characters and their motivations.  I need to keep reading this series.  It’s not just that I want to keep reading it, I need to.  I can’t not continue with this comic.

Faithful adaptation – It can make fans nervous when a critically acclaimed video game is being adapted into another medium, comic books included, usually due to whether it’ll be faithful to the original source material.  But don’t worry, kids.  I promise you this comic is the epitome of faithful, the very essence of the game and the atmosphere created by its rich story and interesting characters is perfectly preserved.  You’re going to enjoy the hell out of it.



May be confusing if you haven’t played the game – If you haven’t yet played the game, the time in which Liberation takes place may throw some off at first.  It does coincide with the events of the game, just a more detailed look at it, but could be hard to tell for those who haven’t played to tell if it’s a prequel or connecting story, which may risk taking them out of the story slightly.


OVERALL SCORE – 9.5 out of 10

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation is by far one of the most faithful adaptations of anything I have ever seen.  The spirit of the game has been captured perfectly, and even if this is your first exposure to it, albeit some may not immediately catch on to the exact time these events take place, you’re going to be curious to see what it’s like.  And that’s likely going to result in you getting yourself a copy of Horizon: Zero Dawn for yourself.  Just remember to unglue yourself off your couch every once in a while, because remember kids, games and comics are fun but breaks are healthy.