Red Tag #1 – Comixology Review

By: John C. Mayberry


Perusing through my to-do list today, I was happy to see I was going to have the chance of reviewing another Comixology original title.  And once again, they didn’t disappoint.  Red Tag #1, the first in a five-issue miniseries is a fantastic collaboration with Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque behind the story, with the script being penned by Scavone, the artwork of Roger Cruz and colors done by Chris Peter.  These guys together put together a story that’s entertaining yet relevant as well, since it deals with the very real issue of corruption amongst those in power.


Taking place in Sao Paolo, Brazil, you’ll follow Leco, Lis, and Lu, three friends involved in the subculture of “pixo,” a form of street art seen in Sao Paolo that’s used as a form of protest against inequality.  In trying to assist someone affected by the injustice they witness every day, the trio comes across information that threatens to bring a slew of unwanted attention their way.  The story is a great beginning to what is already looking like a promising miniseries, filled with entertainment, intrigue, illustrated by art and color that perfectly reflects the stark reality of corruption amongst positions and individuals in power.


A quick read, yet one that will have you waiting anxiously for the next part of the story to unfold.  Red Tag #1 is a great comic that came out at the perfect time, with real life events this comic certainly touches on an important issue while being a fun and entertaining read.  I seriously loved everything about this first part and will be watching closely for the release of the next parts to this story.



Artwork – The art contained within every panel illustrates the perfect picture of life in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Buildings, the characters, it all exudes the effect that police corruption has on everyday life.  Facial expressions are especially one part of the story that really helps you to empathize with the characters’ life situations.

Colors – The artwork is only part of what makes this such a visually stunning comic.  Colors play a huge part in this as well, which especially drives home the vibe of what life feels like when living under an authority who thinks they’re themselves above the law.  Warm colors greatly accentuate the corruption and vice that runs Sao Paolo, with cooler tones highlighting the moments involving the main characters and their opposition to oppression.

Writing – If there is ever a story you read where you feel what the characters do, the anger, frustration, the motivation to stand up for what’s right, the writer has done a damn good job.  This comic is a quick read, sure, but so much story is told within its pages, and the personal connections to the main characters are easy to form.  Truly amazing, and I cannot say that enough.


OVERALL SCORE – 10 out of 10

Thank you again Comixology and thank you to the creators for a fantastic read.  Red Tag #1 is a great beginning to what is going to be a great miniseries.  Expressive in its art, color and writing, you are pulled in and left needing to see the rest of the remaining four issues as they come out.  A relevant story that touches on the stark reality of corruption in Sao Paolo, and that truly makes you feel for the characters affected, it was a true privilege to review such great work.