Hill Country Comic Con review by Sir Nick Justice

Hill Country Comic Con

What an awesome official Comic Con to start off the year and not too far of a drive either!

As Hill Country hosted its first year in the con scene hosted in New Braunfels at the Civic and convention center – we found ourselves on a mini day trip of an hour to go check them out!


The convention overall was organized and had no issues other than mild parking. Driving up to the street of the convention we saw many cars parked on the side of the road before seeing the police cut off. We arrived maybe 2 hours into the show on Sunday and it looked like the main parking lot and lot across the street were already full. Hoping this can be resolved before the show gets bigger and causes more parking issues


The layout of the convention brought familiar emotions to that of the San Antonio Libraries – Pop Con but without the floors of activities to do. You enter the main doors and enter a small lobby to purchase or pickup tickets when you proceed into a large hallway. You had about 4 doors – 2 on each side where it would lead you to different rooms. To the left was the main hall where the celebrities (which was mostly X-Men voice actors) were all seated. Behind was the array of vendors that filled the rest of the room. Across the hall was an food court area with fair pricing and many seats.

At the end of the hallway you would see one more room to the left but of course the vendors in the hallway that you got to checkout and featuring right after the Gi Joes and AT-ST walker. The last room was filled with artists, authors, some cosplayers, and even movie giveaway booths.

Overall review

Upon entering the con, I wanted to meet the voice actor of Logan but found he had stepped away twice the times I went to see him. Which that money ended up going to an awesome comic book and artwork! I had a great time just walking around, socializing, and enjoying some new faces of vendors as half of them seemed new to me. I didn’t find myself overcrowded, hot, or disappointed.

There was tons of families there with their kiddos in cosplay, there was not too many adults dressed up but it was seeing fans reactions at booths such as Cosfit Reza and Jimmy Ronin Cosplay who delighted the kids.

I hope that next year we can have continued success at their show and see more unique voice actors come in as I had talked to many who did not know until after the convention was over. The town itself was very hyped to be have their first convention hit the public. I can only hope that as they grow they will prepare for the future crowds to keep it as humble as I saw.