AORUS Arena in PAX East 2019

Enter AORUS Arena for fun games, awesome prizes, and great deals

Team AORUS will kick off our PAX East party this year with a battle arena-themed booth filled with new hardware and fun stuff. Join us for the upgraded AORUS gaming corner experiences, VR Racing simulations, esports game challenges, and non-stop stage events to win tons of giveaways throughout the show March 28  31, 2019.


The complete product family, including some of the hottest AORUSproducts, will be put on showcase for attendees who want a taste of the finest tech that AORUS has to offer. The world’s first tactical gaming monitor, AORUS AD27QD, will take center stage, featuring 144Hz refresh rate and exclusive in-game features that can give gamers a tactical advantage over the opponents. For hardware enthusiasts, be on the lookout for the recently released AORUS 15 gaming laptop powered by the revolutionary RTX 2070 platform at the AORUS gaming corner. Also check out other AORUS peripherals and components there for a full-blown AORUS gaming experience.


Throughout the week, attendees are welcome to join in on esports game challenges featuring PUBG and CS:GO on AORUS systems and gaming laptops. Come experience our unique CQB duo mode in PUBG or 1v1 faceoffs in CS:GO to win AORUS gaming gear and swag. If you are looking for an immersive VR experience, then take a ride with our VR racing simulator driven on Project CARS 2.


Throughout the weekend, attendees are welcome to join in and test your FPS skills on esports games featuring PUBG CQB Challenge on stage and CS:GO on AORUS systems/gaming laptops. Come experience our unique CQB duo mode in PUBG, or CS:GO Gun Master and CS:GO Faceoff to win free AORUS gaming gears and swag. If you are looking for an immersive VR experience, then take a ride on our VR racing simulator driven on Project CARS 2. For AORUS fans looking for some great deals on AORUS products, the onsite AORUS Store will be filled with a variety of hardware and merchandises, including the latest RTX series graphics cards, RTX series Gaming Box and Z390 boards.


There will be PUBG King of CQB challenge on stage, as attendees can come up to play against in Beat the Pro, as winners could take home awesome prizes. Daily lucky draws will be held every afternoon throughout the event for everyone stopping by the AORUS booth as well. Come join and cheer for AORUS for your chance to win daily prizes!


Team up with AORUS at Booth 13031 during PAX East from March 28 until March 31, 2019.


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