Here Ye! Here Ye! Tactical Strategy Totalitarian Simulator Beholder 2 is Coming to Xbox One This Week

Here Ye! Here Ye! Tactical Strategy Totalitarian Simulator Beholder 2 is Coming to Xbox One This Week


Climb Your Way to the Top of the Ministry
in a Dark, Dystopian Future


Attention fellow citizens! E-Home Entertainment is bringing Beholder 2 to Xbox One this week, in all of its dark, dystopian tactical strategy glory. Playing as Evan Redgrave, a low-level Ministry worker, you are on a mission to unravel the circumstances surrounding your father’s mysterious suicide by rising through the ranks of the totalitarian government. How? That’s up to you, agent! Beholder 2 will be available this Thursday, April 9th, on Xbox One for $14.99.

Following in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed Beholder, the sequel follows a different story from that of Carl the Landlord, placing you in the shoes of new protagonist Evan Redgrave, a Ministry intern whose father – the former head of Department 6, committed suicide under mysterious circumstances while working at the Ministry. In order to get to the bottom of how and why he died, you’ll have to do whatever it takes to ascend the ranks of the Ministry to secure strict security clearance and gain access to the totalitarian leaders. How you eliminate your competitors is up to you. Do you help your colleagues to overthrow the totalitarian state ensuring they give up their current positions on good terms? Or would you prefer tor ruthlessly tear down everyone in your path by framing and manipulating people into an early “retirement” Once you reach the top you will learn about your father’s death as well as other sinister and shocking government secrets.
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In addition to your career goals, you must complete various side tasks that will emerge based on your choices. Help your coworkers on their quests, humiliate others upon request, or find victims suitable for the baleful needs of those in charge. By completing these side missions you can earn money and reputation, both of which you’ll need on your path to promotion.

Make tough choices, take responsibility, be rewarded and find out the truth, as your decisions will lead to different endings. The fate of the country and of Evan Redgrave are now in your hands. Find out the truth on the Microsoft Store this Thursday, April 9th!

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