H.MIL new track SANGRIA is out now!

H.MIL is an artist with the world at his feet. The 20-year old has already had a string of releases to his name, and created a sumptuous blend of modern day pop with R&B sensibilities. The UK born troubadour aims to blur the line between genres, and concocts electronic influences with fresh hip-hop beats that are ahead of the curve. With a debut album already under his belt, H.MIL aka Henry Milford is only looking to continue his rise and release new music at every new creative turn.


He begins the year with a perfect example of his craft in ‘Sangria’ featuring Pre Kai Ro. This song feels like a culmination of everything Milford has done so far, and channeled that energy into an upbeat pop track with the influences aforementioned implemented within. It is immediately catchy and instantaneous to the ear, with H.MIL’s almost trippy auto-tune vocals really bringing that summer and party feeling along with the vibrant, fast moving beat.

Reminiscent of Drake’s ‘One Dance’ and also ‘Passionfruit’, ‘Sangria’ very much sits in that cool, chilled dosage of summer pop, and it’s expertly delivered by H.MIL in what will be a sound for the summer of 2022 and beyond. Hints of Justin Bieber in him too, Milford feels like the perfect hybrid of the two, and more than brings the energy in this fun-filled bop that has so much to love about it. Be sure to keep an eye out for H.MIL, before he passes you by.