Greater Austin Comic Con Day 1 Review

We were able to attend Greater Austin Comic Con as Press/media for the event and here is a quick review of Day 1 of the convention. We were able to experience a well run and fun convention with thousands in attendance to not only have fun but experience many memories. My team and I were able to fully experience the con by talking, interviewing, and celebrating with vendors, cosplayers, artists, celebs, and more! Here is our experience for Day 1 of Greater Austin Comic Con!



Ric Flair Cosplay by Krystal Starr


I heard many WOO’s and I thought it was from the man himself! This woman showcased her own style and profiled it in an awesome way! Krystal Starr had an amazing Ric Flair cosplay at the event and she was joined by a numerous amount of cosplayers attending Greater Austin Comic Con. I enjoyed seeing her showcase the legend himself at the convention.  The cosplayers attending the convention had very creative cosplays and my team were working double time just getting the photos out there of them.


Christy interviewing Lori of Creepy Classics / Monster Con


Collectors were treated some of the coolest collection and toys out there from vendors at the event! We were able to see some ghoulish items from Creepy Classics Videos as well as some cool comics from Titan Moon Comics! There were vendors a plenty including some cool toys, games, collectibles at the comic con. There was something for everyone at the convention!


Sir Nick Justice interviewing Don Jason Hall


The art scene at Greater Austin Comic Con was very energetic and creative! The artists out there showcased a talent that are fully welcomed to this convention. You had to be fast though, many of the artwork from the artists were selling out. The fans attending truly enjoyed and respected the creativity from the artists attending!


Christy with the Drummer from Cybertonic Spree


Cybertonic Spree was an amazing treat for all fans! The music was fun and made you want to morph into your favorite transformer and dance! This was their first time in Texas and the fans at GACC just had a blast.

All photo’s and Videos will be posted on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE respectfully soon!


Get you and your family out to Cedar Park, TX for Greater Austin Comic Con! Come out and enjoy with fans of all things including artists, cosplayers, vendors and more! This is your culture and come out and enjoy it!

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