A Father’s Day Adventure At Greater Austin Comic Con

In Texas, growing up with barbecues, hanging with family, and watching any type of sport on the television, was mandatory during holidays. This specific holiday today was a good one as I am a father of two beautiful children. I decided to do something fun with my family and we attended Greater Austin Comic Con in Cedar Park, TX. I wanted them to be a part of not only a fun and family adventure but also create memories with their fellow geeks.


This is the 3rd comic con for my daughter and she enjoys the culture that the con’s bring out! She enjoyed all the cool things the vendors had today including those plushies. This specific vendor had a few good plushies that we saw at the convention. We saw so many items that these vendors brought to Greater Austin Comic Con that my daughter couldn’t decide upon what to get and she wasn’t the only one to make that decision. There were many others as well trying to making the decision on which plushie to take home as well.


My son is a huge batman fan and when he saw cosplayer Coz-Fit Reza just hanging out like she just got back from the bat-cave; He ran to her like if he hasn’t seen her in years and gave her a hug that shake the outward coliseums. She and other cosplayers were friendly to the children attending the event and gave them the stir in their imaginations that they wouldn’t have seen before.

My daughter got her gaming on with Super Mario Kart for the SNES mini that was there at the TGL room. Texas Gaming Lounge is a San Marcos company that does big when its time to game. They are known world wide with the gaming arcades they bring to the conventions. I was very happy to see my daughter enjoy a game that I enjoyed in my childhood. We did have the same expression when we didn’t get 1st place, but its ok, we can always restart the game! Haha!

We saw they had some cool things upstairs on the second level of the convention. We saw a cool owl, some magic being done, mad science, and of course we saw the face painter. The lady who was doing the face painting was such a nice lady and we were able to get some cool images on my daughter’s face. She enjoyed the face painting and she got a lot of positive remarks from attendees at the event!

We know with every event, we will see some good guests and celebrities attending the convention. We were able to see power ranger Austin St. John. My son is a huge power ranger fan and tries to do the moves whenever he sees them on TV. When he realized he was able to meet the red ranger, he was ecstatic and it was hard to get a good picture taken with him.

As a father enjoying Father’s day at a comic con, I felt like I was at home unusual and able to make some amazing memories. I was able to take my children to a place that  we can both have fun. The thing is though…I wasn’t the only father there with their children enjoying Father’s day at a comic con. There were thousands in attendance that were there making their own memories and having fun with their families. Greater Austin Comic Con was able to take care families on a day when you want the best for your children and for them to experience a million stars in the sky.