‘Gotta Catch Them Beats’! Chill out with this Pokémon inspired album

Curaga Records and artists Besso0 & Save Point release chill out 10-track album ‘Video Game LoFi: Pokémon

Seattle, WA / March 25, 2022 – Music label Curaga Records just released its newest album inspired by Satoshi Tajiri’s popular Pokémon franchise. Video Game LoFi: Pokémon from artists Besso0 and Save Point features ten chill tracks that will transport listeners right into the world of the unique pocket monsters we know and love. Songs featured on the album include ‘Lillie’s Theme’ with vocalist PokéKellz (from youtube channel ‘The National Dex’), ‘Lavender Town’ and ‘Pokémon Theme’ to name a few.


  1. Pokémon Theme (from “Pokémon Red & Blue”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  2. Rustboro City (from “Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  3. Lavender Town (from “Pokémon Blue & Red”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  4. Azalea Town (from “Pokémon Gold & Silver”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  5. New Bark Town (from “Pokémon Gold & Silver”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  6. Bicycle Theme (from “Pokémon Red & Blue”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  7. Pallet Town (from “Pokémon Red & Blue”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  8. Pokémon Gym (from “Pokémon Red & Blue”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  9. Lillie’s Theme (from “Pokémon Sun & Moon”) [Lo-Fi Edit]
  10. Pokémon Center (from “Pokémon Red & Blue”) [Lo-Fi Edit]

Besso0 states that he has always loved the music in the Pokémon games, “I could not have teamed up with anyone better than Save Point for this album,” Besso0 states. “We’ve had tons of fun remixing these familiar tracks. So much love and tears have gone into every single track, I’ve never made anything like this. We tried to keep it semi-familiar by combining well known melodies and reworking the chord progressions to really spin the music our way. The best example of this is ‘Pokémon Center’, that song is the most ‘out there’ one in my opinion.”

I’ve had an amazing time working with Besso0 on this album,” states artist Save Point, “taking our favorite nostalgic Pokémon melodies and arranging in our own unique way. I especially love “Bicycle Theme” for its lush and floaty aesthetic.”

Listeners ready to jump in and immerse themselves in the album can listen to Video Game LoFi: Pokémon right now on bandcampSpotifyApple Music and Deezer. Collectors who are interested in picking up the physical versions of the album can grab the CD or cassette tape on the store here.

About Curaga Records

Curaga Records is a video game music record label that releases Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Chill, Jazzy, and downtempo covers of video game music favorites. The label was founded in 2021 and has released renditions from games such as Zelda, Sonic, Deltarune, Yoshi, NieR:Automata, Skyrim, Genshin Impact and more. They’ve since garnered over one million streams across multiple platforms and continue to set the bar for the next generation of chill and lo-fi video game music