A web cam should be able to capture your essence and your vibe every time you go on camera. The world is watching so why not go in with style! Today, I was able to get a new webcam on Amazon from the company called GESMA. This webcam has a built in microphone, full HD, 1080, and of course plug in play! This webcam has so many bells and whistles that I have decided to focus on a few of them. I have also included an unboxing and review video below.

Here is my review:


  • Plug and Play
    • I just stuck the USB into my laptop and after a few seconds of my PC checking out the hardware, it worked! The camera worked right out of the blue! I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have to go to a website and download special software or anything; This camera is a true plug and play product.
  • Crystal Clear
    • My god! I can finally see myself on screen! I have been used to seeing myself in a grainy form that I forgot how I looked behind a 1080 camera. Even thought the lighting wasn’t well in my home, I was able to still get great picture quality of myself using this webcam.
  • 1080 HD
    • I’m very used to 720P, so seeing myself in 1080 was a big shocker. I liked how this camera does have the 1080 and in HD, I may add, that you can see yourself better.


  • Distorted Sound
    • When I began to speak using the camera’s built in microphone, my voice sounded very distorted. I don’t know if I need adjust settings on OBS but this was unsettling. I was finally able to not use the camera’s built in microphone as I wanted my voice to be heard correctly.

Rating: 9 out of 10


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