The excitement of being able to flip through the next few pages of this comic book is exhilarating. I have been waiting for the next story for Second Coming comic book series and we are here today with Only Begotten Son. This first issue looks into the past of how Sunstar comes to the planet Earth!

The story starts off with Sunstar’s parents hanging out in the living room before finding out the scary news. Their planet has just about a few hours left before a great catastrophe happens. They happen to have dinner guests coming by to talk and hang out. Sunstar’s father felt that the other couple are a nuisance even with only a few hours left to live. You know, finding out your going to die can be very complicating. Sunstar’s father had a great dialogue on the situation after he kicks that couple out of their home.

I enjoyed reading about Sunstar’s past as he never knew his parents as he was young child that was sent to Earth. They sacrificed everything in order to make sure he is safe and sound! I liked how the story set up the next meeting with Jesus and Sunstar towards the end. The art was fantastic in this issue as you can see their detailed emotions throughout the pages. The images gave me a Superman origin story vibes as they talked a lot about crystals.

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(W) Mark Russell

(A) Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk

Cover: Richard Pace


“The world’s most dangerous comic book and the most lovely” (Comics Beat) returns for a new six-issue series, by superstar writer Mark Russell (Batman: Gotham Nights, The Wonder Twins) and artists Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk. The infant Sunstar will grow up to fulfill his destiny as Earth’s most powerful superhero and roommate to Jesus Christ—but first, he and his parents must endure the mundane and the tedious on the last night of the doomed planet Zirconia.

All AHOY comics feature extra prose stories and illustrations.


December 16, 2020