Gehenna Where Death Lives is a horror film that was more than just a horror film. This film takes you to the dark places one will go to survive. Make you ask yourself what skeletons are you hiding and how far will you go to live. The film starts out with a ritual being done to a man on an alter only to be sealed alive in a tomb. Time jump to present day to a group comes to see this beachfront property. A shady man named Alan meets them at a bar ready to take them to the land. One of the members asked what are the locals protesting pointing at the tv. Alan replies the land we’re going to see.  They head out to see this land to buy for a future beachfront resort not knowing the true story behind the land. The natives know that land is a sacred burial ground and place evil. It was used also during the war as Japan held it for what Alan tells them a machinegun bunker. As there surveying the land Dave pulls out his drone to cover the land faster the see a man and old man heading somewhere specific. They take off after them when Alan reveals about the machinegun bunker. The find the old man praying at the bunker. Alan tells him to leave but Pepe the native has to tell them in there native tongue. As the younger man helps the old man up from praying Pepe pushes him and he drops a small woven doll and tells Pepe “You’d be wise to heed the warnings of your ancestors” as he walks away. They take a look into the bunker to find it to be a real underground bunker used in WW2 by the Japanese. They start going deeper in when they find a the remains of someone freaking out they can’t understand why it’s still there.


As they go in deeper the come a cross a room with bunks and hear what sounds like some some is in there. Whn they shine the light towards the noise they find some one alive. It get up and comes towards Alan and is saying something they dont understand. Untill it calls Alan my his name freaks out pushes him and the mummy looking man hits the wall hard.

With it’s dying breath tells the girl only one can live. Not understanding what just took place they try to call the police for help but Alan goes in to self preservation mode try to have Dave erase the video on his camera. Shortly after the man dies the bunker starts to shake and looks like it’s going to collapse. This is where things start to go south fast for the group. The light come back on in the bunker but it’s not the same as before the man died.

The group starts to notices things different in the bunker. no more dead bodies and it’s repaired photos are hanging and the food cans are full and unused. One by one they start to see things or people from there past in the bunker. So much is going on at this point of the film this is where the true story is told. The folklore of the natives to dark hidden secrets each is hiding. Now they must try to find away out with the door sealed shut after the man died. So much will be uncovered I don’t want to spoil it. Give this film a watch it was done so well. I like the fact that it was close to a found footage film but did not go that route. It stands on it’s own very well look for it out on May 4th on VOD.