Bad Samaritan Movie Review

Bad Samaritan is a mix of thriller and horror with some well placed comic relief. A full wave of emotions I saw the crowd go threw as I did at the screening.  This film follows a misunderstood photographer named Sean (Robert Sheehan) who has a valet set up that covers there home robbery ring.  When they cross a wealthy man with a bad attitude. They feel the rich man need to get it good. So Sean takes his car back to his home via the cars own GPS. He finds a nice score but his greed will cost him dearly. Sean comes to a door that his highly secure.  Will the keys in hand he takes a look and finds Cale’s (David Tennant) office as he takes a photo of his checkbook the phone flash light’s up a woman bound by chains and leather. Sean tries to save her when she tells him to be careful with the security cam in the room she tells him it’s not on but he checks it. She has Sean set everything as it was even the painful gag in her mouth. As Sean comes back from grabbing some tools he sees the light on from under the door and knows Cale is checking the room. He tells the girl sorry but he has to go. Cale is waiting for his car back at the restaurant. Sean returns the car to Cale but his is shook by the ordeal.   He wants to save her he called the police with an anonymous tip only to be outsmarted by Cale who is on to someone being in the house. Now Sean and his whole life are in Cale’s hands just like he likes.

Cale backstory is a twisted one with a trail of bodies as the film played on I saw the crowd tense up and and get in to the film. I must say David Tennant play his role to the letter of a evil man with a sick and twisted mind. Some very well placed joke lighten the mood. There were some flaws in the story a few things left unfinshed. Over all the film was a good one in my book. I was Glad it did not try to follow other film with similar stories. I will not spoil it for you go and see it.