French Producer Aaron Taylor Returns with Summer Anthem ‘Play This Right’

Artist: Aaron Taylor  

Release: ‘Play This Right’  

Release Date:  

Genre: EDM 


French producer Aaron Taylor has been turning heads lately with his ever-evolvingsound andsmoothproduction. Returning with hisvibrant single ‘Play This Right’, Aaron Taylor pulls influence from Diplo, Calvin Harris and Pharrell F90uQjK1FE+PQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==Williams.  



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Born in Saint Claude, Guadeloupe, Aaron began song writing and producing in his 

early teens, first developing his bilingual abilities by absorbing English language through movies and music.  


When describing the meaning behind the track, Aaron stated: ‘Play this right’ started when I was playing around with that Soul M9 type of chords with a Rode Electric piano that you can clearly hear on the verse part. I was looking for something warm and catchy with a strong bass line. I was working to give this song a strong identity, Kate’s vocal performance definitely helped a lot!” 


‘Play This Right’ hits every pitch on point, each tempo switches perfectly and the female vocals effortlessly pull the track together.  


‘Play This Right’ is set to release May 24th via Distro Kid. 



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