Forgive Me Father Game Review

Forgive me Father is a super-fast pace FPS in the throwback style of old-school Doom-style games.  Faced with some Lovecraft-style monsters this game is a fun fast pace shooter. Done in a retro-style I grew up playing makes me feel right at home playing.

Monsters come at you fast and keep coming a fast game so be quick to ale them down. Just watch your ammo count or your left stabbing them to death. Monster is great-looking and reminds me of House of the Dead.  The retro feel really gives a vibe that the Dev team are old-school gamers which I dig.

Overall I really loved playing this one as a retro gamer I pulled these similarities but this one stands on its own two feet. I give it a 9 out of 10 great gameplay and story and just fun to play. Controls and graphics are on point fast pace shooter that put the pedal to the metal and leaves it there.