Fan Expo Dallas Is Bringing The Stars To Texas

Fan Expo Dallas is cranking out names for guests to their latest convention in Dallas, Texas! Most notables are Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Adam West, and of course my favorite Stan Lee! The news that got the world a buzzing, is the reunion of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Tim Curry will be making a rare special guest appearance at the con for fans to be delighted with his presence.  Tim Curry will  be there Saturday and Sunday, April 1st and 2nd . His Co-Stars from the movie Barry Bostwick. Meat Loaf, Patricia Quinn and Nell Campbell will be in attendance Friday, March 31st as well as Saturday and Sunday April 1st and 2nd . This will be a great opportunity for fans to come and get autographs and photos of something so rare in the con industry.


Drop The Spotlight will be there doing media for the event and it will be awesome. We will talk to fans, we will talk to cosplayer’s, we will talk to vendors and  get their take on what they love about con’s and how awesome Fan Expo Dallas is this year. We want to let our fans know we will be there and your lovable hosts will be there talking to everyone and enjoying a geeky good time as well.



FAN EXPO DALLAS runs Friday, March 31, through Sunday, April 2, 2017, at the Dallas Convention Center (Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center) located at 650 S. Griffin St. Tickets are priced from $25-$129. Hours and information are available at