EKSA launches its Fenrir E7000 Gaming Headset and EM600 RGB Advanced PC Gaming Mouse for the ultimate gaming setup

LONDON, July 14th 2022– With an eleven-year history of developing and manufacturing gaming products for top global brands, peripheral experts EKSA is pleased to announce the release of two latest gaming products, the Fenrir E7000 Gaming Headset and 2022 Red Dot winning EM600 advanced PC gaming mouse. The EKSA Fenrir E7000 Gaming Headset is available from the EKSA website,  Amazon for $35.99 and Amazon UK £35.99 and the EM600 gaming mouse is available from the EKSA websiteAmazon for $25.99 and Amazon UK £29.99.

The EKSA Fenrir E7000 Gaming Headset

The EKSA Fenrir E7000 gaming headset with 50 mm drivers, brings superior sound clarity and deep, punchy bass so every sound detail is heard when gaming. It is an all-compatible and multi-platform headset, designed for a variety of gamers as it can be used on virtually any platform including PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and more. Also great for use with multiplayer gaming, it is the ideal all-rounder and designed for top gamers to allow them to perform well and win games. An affordable option, it provides great value with high-quality performance and reliability.

The new EKSA Fenrir E7000 has an innovative and attractive design. Featuring a werewolf image on the ear cups, it is an inspiring headset to wear whilst playing as well as having an ergonomic soft and large ear cup structure for ultimate comfort on ears for several hours of gaming. Designed for optimum durability, the USB headset has a threaded skin instead of the usual rubber skin to ensure no breakages.

Providing superior sound quality, the impressive sound verse adds to the gaming experience (and potential wins!) by helping gamers to detect enemy steps or gunfire as well as listen to other players in multiplayer games. The speakers provide clear, deep and rich bass to provide an immersive experience and a better chance of defeating enemies. The surround sound feature ensures that it is also suitable for first-person shooter games as it enhances the perception of sound and helps to boost the kill-to-death ratio. With a high-quality microphone that provides both convenience and adjustability, it is easy to communicate whilst playing as it can rotate 120 degrees to fit into positions so that audio communication can be heard when gaming with complete clarity.

Allowing gamers to focus more with less disturbance, the Fenrir E7000 gaming headset stops gamers being disturbed by background noises. With a noise cancellation feature, it helps to eliminate disturbances and focus on the game. The headset also uses a tiny microphone that only receives your voice and blocks out external noise to your in-game teammates and the ear cups are padded to form a solid seal to avoid disturbances.

The EKSA Fenrir E7000 Gaming Headset is available from the EKSA website,  Amazon for $35.99 and Amazon UK £35.99

The EKSA EM600 RGB Advanced PC Gaming Mouse

Winner of the Red Dot award 2022, the EM600 RGB advanced gaming mouse guarantees 100% accuracy to help gamers perform better for an affordable price. Featuring an integrated sniper button for accuracy that provides the ability to switch from low DPI to sniper-precision targeting, it gives users an advantage in games and allows clean headshots. The sniper button is also specially designed so that the button is directly under the thumb of users, meaning that it is easy to use without having to adjust the positioning of the hand. Using the precision PAW3327 Professional gaming optical sensor with a TTC dustproof gold microswitch, switching from one mode to another is smoother and it can be changed from 500 to 6000 DPI in seconds. It also prevents frame drop and ensures the finest movement is reflected.  An additional advanced feature, the competition-grade precision can also allow to switch to 12,000 DPI in a few seconds.

Lightweight and convenient, the EM600 weighs just 90g and so can be easily transported and used for long periods of time without any tiredness of the hands or worries on effects on shoulders or wrists. With an ergonomic design, it gives users maximum comfort and fits perfectly into a gamers grip without causing any strain. Built for comfort, it can be used to play games for hours without any stress on fingers or palms. The EM600 is also built with high-quality materials to ensure excellent durability. The mouse has been tested for 20 million clicks and remains very active.

Easy to use, the wired gaming mouse offers smooth control with its flexible cable and is drag-free, allowing gamers to perform better. Also featuring an anti-slide side grip, it eliminates any experience of slipping and keeps a good friction to help users keep enjoying their game without any sliding from sweaty palms.

Providing the perfect atmosphere for long hours of gaming, the mouse has 12 RGB customisable lighting modes to provide a personalised and enjoyable experience. The EM600 RGB gaming mouse comes with 8 programmable buttons that provide a wide selection of shortcuts and access to secondary functions for more control. These can be used and programmed through EKSA’s driver software.

EM600 gaming mouse is available from the EKSA websiteAmazon for $25.99 and Amazon UK £29.99.

About EKSA

EKSA originated with the OEM production of headphones for well-known A-class headphone brands. EKSA discovered that a lot of gaming headphones are heavy, bulky designs which are either low quality or uncomfortable to wear so used its 10 years of audio manufacturing experience to help consumers enjoy gaming with its own headphones.

Different from other gaming headphones, EKSA gaming headphones are affordable, lightweight and comfortable. Based in China, EKSA has an advanced manufacturing processes, excellent experienced acoustical engineers, electronic engineers, structural engineers and industrial designers, which contribute to premium products at a competitive price. EKSA is devoted to bring ‘Real Comfort’ to each gamer around the world.


Visit www.eksa.net/ for more information

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