Edgar Allan Poe’s newest issue for Snifter of Blood has requested an audience to hear the wise words of Edgar. You see a drunken Edgar start the issue off with some information of his classic tales. His wife did come out bewildered on who Edgar was talking to in the room. Edgar would break from the trance but then continue to talk on his take on detectives. He believes detectives have been watered down into something that isn’t plausible than being an actual detective in stories today. The detective story he presents is The Mystery of Marie Roget where it starts off in France many centuries ago. The story is about an exciting and happy bar maid that disappears for a time and then returns dull and unhappy. When the detective is on the scene, he looks for elements that a real detective looks for that isn’t “monsters, dogs and of course the outer limits” I liked how he went against the grain and brought back a view of how things should be viewed. The realism of the story helps make you feel that your inside the story with Edgar.

The second story in the comic is about a guy in the future who is on the hunt looking for a prized possession from Edgar Allan Poe. The world looks like its infested with scary robots and octopus’s that have claimed our planet as theirs. The guy finds a story of Edgar’s titled “The Cask of Amontillado”, but finds himself in trouble. The crazed robot shoots a laser and destroys the book. The man then starts to recreate the story from his memory into its own book. He escapes with the book to make sure the name of Edgar continues on while continually shooting at robots. I liked this story as it shows how much effort we do to continue honoring someone’s name. We like to preserve items such as seeds, monuments, and more but have we done that with a horror icon. With this story, you see how impressive this guy is when he makes sure Edgar’s words are continued to live on even during a robot attack.

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(W) Rachel Pollack, Shaun Manning

(A) Alan Robinson, Greg Scott

(C) Jon Proctor


Writer Rachel Pollack and artist Alan Robinson take on “The Mystery of Marie Roget,” in which Poe writes a dull story and gets irritated when everyone hates it. Shaun Manning adapts and Greg Scott draws our second version of “The Cask of Amontillado” in as many issues—but this one has killer robots! Plus: Prose, pictures, and possibly poems!


December 23, 2020