Bleed 2 Xbox One Review

The world needs a hero again and your character is called back to action. The villains are out and about destroying your world. Wyrn is back to take on those villains’ to save the world again. This is my first time trying out this game as the game is free on Xbox Gold. I decided to download the game and stream it on Twitch! The game is fun, exciting and different. I didn’t expect to play this game for as long as I did but I was able to discover some pretty cool elements in the game. Here is my quick review of the game but Xbox Gold users, download the game and have some fun!


  • Reflecting Purple enemy weapons
    • I like that you can use your sword to reflect the enemy shots back towards the enemy. This only works for the purple color against your opponents.
  • Arcade feel
    • The smooth movements throughout the game makes you feel like its 1997 again. This gives you the memory that your at your local mall jamming out with friends trying to conquer the world. This game has that same feel that your like a rocket the discotheque.


  • controls
    • You will be using controls that are not common in my opinion. I would use the RT trigger to jump and the R control to shoot. It will take you a while to learn these controls which can be tough.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Bleed 2 is fun even after the multiple times you die throughout the game haha. Your probably on your hundredth death but your still competing to win that level. The fun factor in this game is addicting! You want to destroy those things in order to continue throughout the game. The game is amazing with that arcade feel and deflecting your enemies weapons. The controls can be hard to learn as they are different from traditional games. Either way, this is a fun game to try and have fun with.

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