Eddie Ray Arnold Brings Back ’90s Country in New Single “Rock Your World”

May 9th, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Eddie Ray Arnold rolls onto the country scene with his latest single, “Rock Your World.” This upbeat, energetic track is the ideal accompaniment to any summer bash and a great motivator for any lethargic crowd who needs to start dancing. The song’s lyrics are simple yet heartfelt, as Eddie Ray invites the subject of the track to dance with him through the lines “I wanna dance with you right now/get your heart spinnin’ around/make you feel the way I feel/I’m fallin’ head over heels.” Sonically, the track is also an ideal dance partner, with a tempo that isn’t too slow or unbearably fast. A short guitar solo in the latter half of the track pulls the listener’s attention to the instrumental over Eddie Ray’s attention-grabbing voice. Backing vocals during the chorus add an additional layer to the track and compliment Eddie Ray’s vocal stylings perfectly. Country fans, you’ll want to add this track to all your most looped playlists ASAP.
Rock Your World

Recorded at Emanant Studios in Atlanta and The Sound Kitchen in Nashville

Written by Eddie Ray Arnold and Corey Barker

Production and keys by Chas Childers

Mixing and mastering by Kyle Hershman

Guitar by Aaron Curry

Drums by Robert Blair

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