Brenda Cay Releases Her New Single “Drunk on Country Songs”

September 14th (Nashville, TN): Brenda Cay will show you a thing or two about country twang in her newest hit, “Drunk on Country Songs”! Brenda has kept busy through the COVID-19 pandemic, working on new music and connecting with her exceptionally dedicated fanbase. They’ve even given her 2020 EP “Fragile Like a Bomb” more than a million streams on Spotify! “Drunk on Country Songs” is Cay’s third single of 2021, following previous tracks “Alone With You” and “Wherever You Are” that have also amassed critical acclaim.

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“Drunk on Country Songs” is bluesy and comical, poking fun at a classic night out at the bar! And this fun new track perfectly captures Cay’s clever lyricism and ability to pinpoint experiences and emotions in an authentic and relatable way. Lines like, “Sippin on relationships on the rocks” and “when it’s watered down, it gets too weak” will leave you chuckling out loud, reminiscing about nights at the bar where you’ve had a few too many drinks.

This instant country hit entwines elements of 12-bar-blues and classic guitar walk-downs that bring out the almost satirical theme that this song brings to the table. The steady, swinging drum beat paired with masterful piano is a refreshing change to the mainstream country artists currently on the charts. And this makes sense as Brenda Cay is inspired by well-respected artists such as Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark, and Sara Evans.

Production Information:
“Drunk On Country Songs” was recorded at Arch Audio Recording Studio in Chattanooga, TN.
Producers: Brenda Cay & Brian Brewer
Production Engineer: Ethen Martin
Mixing: Zach Allen
Guitar: Brian Brewer
Steel Guitar: Smith Curry
Bass: Tyler Reddick
Keys: Hale White
Drums: Ivan Garcia
Vocal Production: Kristin Smith
BGV: Gabbi Calvert, Katrien Vanderbeck
Mastering: Moontree Mastering (Brian J. Poole)

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