Dystopian Electronic Pop Artist, US3R, Unveils Transcendental Album: Dreams and Nightmares

Seattle-based dystopian pop artist and big tech expert, US3R, shares breath-taking album, which combines EDM, hip-hop, and commercial pop into an intelligent reflection on the pandemic. Simply put; it is a masterpiece.


SEATTLE: US3R, has today announced the release of their brand-new album Dreams and Nightmares, which will be available to download and stream across all mainstream digital platforms from 17th September 2021.


Dreams and Nightmares is all killer no filler; listeners can expect to enjoy anthem after anthem, interjected with short clips of thought-provoking narrative centred around the events of the last 18 months. The album transcends the listening experience and, instead, transports listeners along a journey of exploration through the rollercoaster of emotions and key news events from the global pandemic.


Featuring a well-blended mix of EDM, hip-hop and commercial pop, Dreams and Nightmares offers the complete package: catchy vocals, hooky synths, more bass than you can shake a stick at, and satisfying drops.


Dreams and Nightmares is a reflection of my personal journey through the pandemic and so the tracks on the album traverse between joy and optimism, despair, and reflection,” commented US3R. “I find the concept of despair interesting because it represents all the things we experienced in real time and – simultaneously – all the things that were to come. So many people across the globe went through the pandemic alone, without love, many lost their job, there were riots, protests, fires… all these different forms of despair. With the world being in such an unhealthy place, it was impossible for that despair not to bleed into the music, even though – stylistically – the music is upbeat. There is an artistic juxtaposition there, which is beautifully bittersweet – the juxtaposition between dreams and nightmares, which is evident sonically.”


US3R continued, “The temperature of the album ebbs and flows as a journey from joy and accomplishment, to despair and curiosity, to fear, and finally to the new voice and new reality, where the healing begins. At the moment, there is still so much darkness enveloping us, but I’m fighting to bring back the old me. As a result, the album is a battle between dreams and nightmares.”


Described as a combination of Justice, Daft Punk, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and Disclosure, US3R’s music feels familiar yet pushes boundaries. This particular track sounds like a cross between Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight meets Daft Punk.

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Artist Biography

Meet US3R, the hottest new electronic artist in Seattle, who is hacking pop music by creating unconventional sounds and weaving them into dystopian lyrical themes. Described as a combination of Justice, Daft Punk, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and Disclosure, his music feels familiar yet pushes boundaries.


US3R’s recent album “INFLUENCE” is the “Black Mirror” of electronic music. The other-worldly, grungy concept album explores social commentary about modern love, acceptance, and belonging in the era of social media, where people’s worth is measured by likes and followers.


In early 2020, the INFLUENCE Tour saw US3R playing shows across North America, before the global pandemic forcefully shut down the live music industry. Ever since, musical innovator US3R has leveraged his background in tech and AI to explore a new frontier of AI-generated music, giving “hacker pop” a whole new meaning.