Dusty Durston Releases Debut Single and Video For “de Sade”

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles newcomer Dusty Durston has released his anthemic debut single, “de Sade,” alongside the corresponding video for the song, directed by Dusty’s brother, Mac Durston. Weaved together by Stephen Malkmus-esque guitar and intentionally fragmented electronic noises, “de Sade” – available now on all streaming platforms worldwide – is a scruffy shoegaze sound fueled by the sounds of a decade that inspired Durston: the 90’s.

Written and produced by Dusty Durston shortly after a breakup, “de Sade” narrates the uncomfortable and thrilling juxtaposition of being single for the first time in a long time. Highlighting the importance of embracing unfamiliar territory, navigating the discovery of new pleasures, and accepting the risk of putting yourself back out there as you analyze how the world around you has changed. “It’s uncomfortable and thrilling – forecasting the end of the night becomes a fool’s errand – hazy at best,” Durston says of the experience. “This song is about embracing that unknown and feeling yourself while you do.”

In 2018, following a split with his songwriting partner of 15 years, Dusty Durston found himself in a critical period of personal transformation. This sparked a move to Los Angeles and a deep desire to hone his craft. “I began to challenge myself to write and record these songs, top to bottom,” Durston said. “Suddenly, I had the means by which to write a fully formed song and execute my vision without the assistance of another collaborator.”

“de Sade” represents his first release on that self-actualized journey. “de Sade” is now available to stream on platforms worldwide, and the video may be viewed on YouTube. Follow Dusty Durston as he explores a path as a solo musician, and stay updated on what else he has to come by following him on Instagram @DustyDurston.