Bent By Sorrow new single and video”For The Victory Of Light”

After the departure of the singer Dim Arap from the band, Yannis Lenis replaces the 2nd guitar, while Pantelis Saroglou replaces the frontman of the band. The band is now in one of its best moments, preparing the material for its 1st full album.

In the midst of pandemic and with a source of inspiration, the inner light and the power that gives them, they record the song “For the victory of light”. A piece of music that finds the band in an era of confinement and isolation. But the love and the desire for creation brings them before us today, thus wanting to declare their presence, in this dark period for the planet.

So they send us the message of unity and creation against the dark times in which we live. An orchestral piece comes to show us another aspect of Bent By Sorrow.