DreadStar PC Steam Game Review

DreadStar is an action filled game where your a space ship that answers a distress call. In that distress call, you are met with mines, hunters, and other ships that want you to stop from saving others. While your flying your ship, you able to shoot out your weapons to take down those mines, hunter and other ships. You will collect gems throughout the missions to use to upgrade your ship. Your able to upgrade your weapons, shield, armor, and even upgrade your ship as whole.

We took our ship on a spin and tried out the aspects of the game. We came out running to that distress call and shooting anything that is in our way.

Here is our review of the game Dreadstar


  • Upgrade Weapon
    • While playing this game, I appreciated that we were able to upgrade our weapons. I was able to upgrade my main weapon, left and right weapon as well. Once the weapon is upgraded, I was able to destroy my enemies easier with one shot instead of multiple. This was able to give me a better strategy of beating the levels and getting the most gems out of each level of the game.
  • Smooth Controls
    • I have to admit the controls of the game are so damn smooth! I am able to do some wild moves with my ship in the levels. There are times where I question my moves in the game as they are fast, spontaneous and zooming to one side to the other.
  • Level Up
    • I liked getting points in order to level up certain aspects of my ship. I went straight to the ships weapons first as I like to make sure they are good and strong. This leveling up gave me the appeal that my ship is getting better while competing in each level. I enjoyed that as I felt my ship grew throughout my game play so the power it portray would be undeniably strong.


  • Passing the Level is Brutal
    • I am a button smasher when it comes to playing these games. I had to develop a strategy later on in the game while having to meet the brutal end many times while failing. I failed a lot in passing the first level and it took me a while to pass the level. I think the first level shouldn’t be too hard but it did help me create a better understanding of the strategy to beat it.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.0

DreadStar felt like it brought the old school arcade aspect of gaming back into the PC realm with a powerful shakeup. You are introduced to a game that builds around you as you answer that distress call. Your able to upgrade your weapons. level up your ships parts and of course utilize smooth controls that give you a better advantage. I did have trouble at first passing the levels in the games as I overestimated the easy factor. I had to learn to build my strategy to take my time instead of being all over the place. Organization and planning is key!

DreadStar Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/710220/DreadStar_The_Quest_for_Revenge/