Development Diary 9.0 64-bit system support, Gameplay adjustment, Five new heroes

Development Diary 9.0 64-bit system support, Gameplay adjustment, Five new heroes

Hello again, dear lords

Welcome back to the developer log, we are overjoyed with all the great feed-backs after our last release this October. As many requested, we have been making steady progress on fixing bugs and addressing issues, we have made the decision to push out a huge release to January 2021 for a better gaming experience. Now, let’s have a little peek!

1. New Heroes

We will bring you 5 new heroes, one after another in January, heroes from both Eastern and Western cultures, provides us with a wider range of tactical choices on different maps.


Hero Story: 5 years before the Steel Era,The old Khan suddenly fell unconscious and was escorted by his sons to the legendary place to seek medical treatment. The Mongol Empire fell apart and died. Today, he calls on all the elite soldiers to return from the present. His goal is to conquer all the civilizations on the mainland and regain the pride of the Mongol Empire.

Hero Details: Khan’s mounted Archer, led by Temujin, is able to form the [Cantabrian circle] and [Stagged Column] formations according to different situations, so as to master the battlefield advantages; Temujin can also call on Khan’s Heavy Lancer to assist in combat at critical moments, and use skills at an appropriate time can change the situation of the enemy and ourselves or even turn the tide!



Hero Story: In the center of this turbulent time like a storm, if a little weak, the newborn Roman Empire will be torn and swallowed by the herds. Therefore, Caesar invited his defeated king, Trajan, to help him consolidate the just unified Roman Empire. Under the careful management of Trajan, the economic development of Roman provinces was unprecedented. Then, just as the war was about to break out, Caesar disappeared and Trajan only hoped that the Roman Empire would have fewer desperate memorial ceremonies after the crisis is over.

Hero Details: Trajan is an all-around Warrior Hero with both attack and defense. Roman Auxiliary Footman can not only seize the key point with [Shield Rush] but also recover a certain amount of HP after disengaged from the battle, which gives him strong durability in the battlefield. furthermore, Roman auxiliary footman also has a unique ability of [Sheltered Volley], to throw javelins on

Trajan’s lead while the shield is up, causing a ton of damage to the enemy at medium and close range.


[Huo Qubing]

Hero Story: At that time, Liu Che and Baldwin IV met in secret. Temujin suddenly fell into the city, and the blade and arrow went straight to the two kings. Fortunately, Huo Qubing had a keen sense of war intuition, and timely rescue was able to avoid the death of the great man and the Crusader king at the same time. However, how the secret meeting was revealed, and who planned the plot to attack the city and kill the monarch? Many doubts made him toss and turn. Huo Qubing jumps on horseback, leaves the emperor, and returns to Changan to investigate the leak…

Hero Details: Hu Qubing is a Rider Hero who is extremely dependent on speed. His core ability [Conqueror’s Might] can greatly improve the unit’s attack power, attack speed, and damage reduction, the Focus required to trigger this skill is determined by the mounted move speed of Hu Qubing. In short, as long as Hu Qubing can run, He can always trigger the [Conqueror’s Might] in a short time, so as to play a good effect.


[Da Qiao]

Hero Story: With the revival of Mongolia, the new Khan of the Uzemchin tribe is eager to show his loyalty to the Great Khan. He raided the ranger’s camp, seriously injured Sun Shangxiang, and captured Xiao Qiao. In the prison where the boorigit tribe traitor is held, Xiao Qiao reunites with her sister who has replaced her as the great shaman. Da Qiao awakens in the burning prison and swears to Ling Tong and others that she will shoulder the heavy responsibility in this world and lead Eastern Wu to regain dignity and prosperity.

Hero Details: [Crossbow with mounted flamethrower] is a unique weapon of Da Qiao. The flame can cause sustained damage in a wide range, and will also add debuff effect such as [Scared] and [Panic]. Therefore, Da Qiao is more suitable for large scale battle. It should be noted that the combination of [Crossbow with mounted flamethrower] and [Oil Pot] will cause more damage.



Hero Story: In Mongolia, Han Empire, Rome Empire, the Holy Kingdom kicked off. Unexpected events happened one after another, and the situation seemed to be in the hands of the yellow sand, gradually out of her control. With the irresistible rise of the fallen ancient civilization, the desert storm is about to sweep the temporarily stable situation and inject new turbulence into the four sides of the battlefield

Hero Details: Cleopatra’s [Trial of Anubis] is a double-edged sword. During the [Trial of Anubis] competition, the party who first reaches the target damage amount, or the party with high damage amount at the end of the competition will win, the winner will get [Favour of Osiris], and the loser will get [Hatred of Anubis]. Reasonable use can help your team to build a huge advantage. If you do not use it properly, you will be in danger. She is a Warrior Hero with an extremely high upper limit and very low lower limit.


2. New Maps

a) Penlai Port – Sector Control

Penglai port is a new Sector Control map of the Legion War, which supports 5v5 and 7v7 scale battles. Penglai port is divided into two parts: the surrounding city wall and the city’s inner roadway. It mainly competes around the three objectives, and the victory can be achieved by taking the lead in obtaining scores or annihilating the enemy.


b) Warrior Training scene optimization

As a hardcore medieval game, we always think that the experience of beginner’s training is very important so that players can start faster. A good scene can let the player have an immersive feeling so that players can have a real experience. Therefore, we have our Warrior training scene remastered. The remastered scene will be more expressive and shocking, which can let players have a more immersive experience, and also enable the players to understand and familiarize themselves with the game more quickly.


3. System Optimization

After playing for such a period of time, I believe that many lords may have encountered some experience problems, in this update, we will gradually optimize and adjust this part.

a) First of all, we will add support for 64 bit systems. Due to the operating system and underlying technology constraints, the current 32-bit system only supports 3.75 GB of memory, some players may have encountered game jams and keyboard and mouse failure, which seriously affects their in-game experience, as well as the cooperation of battlefield with friends. Therefore, we also suggest that if your system is still 32-bit, upgrade the system to a 64-bit system as soon as possible.

b) The UI global zoom function will also be available in this update. In the future, the UI display can be scaled in high resolution (such as 4K) and in window mode. greatly enhances the game experience.

4. Quest Optimization

a group of totally new and exciting Siege Quests is NOW available


5. Game Play optimization

To make the game more fair and competitive is what we have been pursuing. In this update, we will optimize the game to make it more balanced.

1) Adjustment on Balance and Optimization for Heroes and their units.

2) The speed of capturing an objective is no longer depends on the number of participants.

3) There is only one chance for each individual combatant (Including Heroes and troops) to fully replenish its ammunition from the supply crate every 60 seconds.

4) World of Mercenaries

a) Legend Battlefield is now available for some maps (Switch between the modes by clicking the Legend/Normal mode buttons on the world map)

★When the Legend mode is activated, the difficulty of some maps will be increased to an epic level

★The player must have at least one hero at level 51 to enter

★The player can only enter the Legend battlefield by forming a team of 5

★When entering, each person needs to consume a corresponding number of Zendar Tokens. Different maps consume a different number of Zendar Tokens.

★A [Supply Officer] will spawn when certain progress is reached in the Legend battlefield, Players can get great rewards from killing him

b) Greatly reduce the difficulty of the conventional battlefield (low-level, intermediate, high-level, and top-level)

★The high-level and top-level materials in the chest of regular skin shards are replaced with the Zendar Tokens.

★The skin shards chests in the top area have removed all permanent skins, and can only be found when the [Supply Officer] is killed

c) Greatly increased the speed of reputation acquisition in various areas

d) The leaderboard of [World of Mercenaries] is now ranked according to the scores of Legend Mode

e) The bond effects have been adjusted

5) Ranked Match Optimization

Section modification of the Ranked Legion War: Marquis section is restored to 5 sections, and 5 stars are added; inheritance rules are modified

6. Hero Info Optimization

1) New Hero Info Interface

The old Hero info interface cannot be very intuitive to view the relevant information. In this regard, in this update, we have the whole hero info interface remastered, the interface will be more clear so that players can more quickly understand the relevant information of the Hero.


2) New Appearance Page

With the increasing of hero skins, weapon skins, accessories, and other related skins, each time we change the skin, you have to spend too much time on resetting. Therefore, in this update, we have added an appearance page function for Heroes. with the help of the appearance pages, we can save multiple sets of skin collocations. Moreover, after each battle, the skin can even be set to randomly switch.

Of course, our optimized development is never ended. We will continue to optimize and adjust in the future; thanks lords and any further suggestions are welcome!