Neither Covid, Nor Vanishing Partners, Nor Supply Shortages, Can Keep Artist Allen Hirsch Away From Introducing His Best HANDL Inventions Yet At CES

Las Vegas — In spite of reports of people backing out of attending CES, Allen Hirsch, founder and creator of HANDL, a leading smartphone accessory company, will go ahead with his plans to man booth #60535 in Eureka Park at the Venetian hotel.  Allen Hirsch (while fully vaccinated) has just finished his second bout with Covid several weeks ago.

Hirsch recently was forced suddenly to switch from Creative Founder to Operational CEO when his previous partnership vanished abruptly back in July without orienting Hirsch to any aspect of operations and logistics. “I had no experience in this field at all.” Nonetheless in the spirit of HANDL-ing it, Hirsch was able to keep the ship afloat and salvage relationships and supply chain flow to major retailers such as Target.

“HANDL is excited to unveil its new HANDL Jewelry line, which includes handmade pieces by the artist/founder. “This is revolutionary to the fashion/hand jewelry/cell accessory market,” added Hirsch.  Coupled with HANDL’s comfortable and versatile elastic and brace system, this is by far the most useful and attractive product in its class. HANDL jewelry is magSafe compatible and removable so you can match your mood or outfit or accessories at will. This will no doubt turn heads and hands going forward.