Dekaron: Global finishes 2020 with major content release Action 24

Players invited to explore lost undersea realm & earn new line of equipment

Seoul – Players of the long-running MMORPG Dekaron: Global are being gifted a bundle of new content. Game publisher Papaya Play reveals Action 24, Dekaron: Global’s latest package of content additions and game enhancements, accompanying multiple holiday-themed events.

Developed by Korean studio UbiFun, Dekaron: Global celebrated its fifteenth year of operations in 2020. Papaya Play has plans to close out another strong year with the introduction of Elmar, an all-new underwater themed map, within which players can search for an exclusive new set of armour.

Though its weekly content updates have included new & updated instance dungeons, new cosmetic items, and temporary events, the introduction of Elmar will be the first fully explorable outdoor map since last year’s introduction of Shangri-La in Action 23.

Elmar is aimed at high-end players, and it will be the only place where players can find Rondo’s Armour. The latest in Dekaron: Global’s series of uniquely-styled equipment, players will be able to upgrade this new gear to higher levels of power than ever before.

In addition to Action 24’s new end-game content, players of all power levels will be able to discover and upgrade powerful magic accessories, designed to help players move past the lower end of the power curve. And Dekaron: Global’s most unique and exciting PvP arena, Siege, is being updated with additional castles for player guilds to capture and defend in weekly battles, and improved rewards for victory.

December will also include Dekaron: Global’s familiar holiday events, providing holiday-themed bonuses and additional experience rewards, just for logging in and engaging in normal gameplay.

Action 24 continues into 2021, with the addition of the Segita Shooter. This all-new player class is planned to be available for players in the opening weeks of the new year.

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