Lost Memories: Seven Wonders Chapter 1” Crashes onto Shore in Uncharted Waters Online

With extensive additions to battle, adventure and trade the wonders of Uncharted Waters have never been so alluring.

Vancouver — December 17th, 2020 — Under the vigilant watch of Papaya Play over the past 3 years, Uncharted Waters Online (UWO) has continued to adapt and improve always with its global audience in mind. Upon the coming of UWO’s newest update “Lost Memories: Seven Wonders” an abundance of new features and content will be added to the already expansive world of Uncharted Waters.

UWO is a massive historical sailing game set in the exciting Age of Discovery throughout the mid-17th century, when there were still many unknown corners of the globe to explore. Become a Captain of your very own ship and use it however you see fit to make your mark on the world and propel yourself to fame and fortune! It features diverse ways to make a living from trading and exploring to racing and battling pirates or even becoming one yourself. Whatever you choose there are deep systems to explore in shipbuilding or battling, hunting for ancient secrets on land and sea, and mastering aspects of the trade economy to make the most of your travels far and wide. All of these aspects receive refinements and additions in this latest update “Seven Wonders,” some of which is described below.

 The first chapter of “Lost Memories: Seven Wonders” introduces a new type of quest called “Legacy” which requires extra dedication to unearth the greatest discoveries seen in UWO to date. There is also a new option to battle in the coliseum with your trusty Aide or partake in a more challenging type of Ganador Mission, both imparting greater rewards. In addition, trade goods have been fine tuned and a host of new equipment and ships have been included as well. See below for more information on some of these advancements:

“Legacy” Quests and the “Book of Wisdom”
With help from the “Book of Wisdom” and an old friend, track down the ancient secrets of our Human Heritage. Use the new “Legacy” system and travel the world over to delve deeper into humanity’s storied past then ever before.

Battle with your Aide at the Coliseum
Confront your foes in intense competition with your most faithful Aide at your side. The glorious victorious receive exclusive treasure chest rewards when battling this way at the Coliseum.

Emergency Ganador Missions

Experience Ganador missions like never before by ratcheting up the difficulty. Emergency Ganadors put special restrictions and burdens on the player while granting additional rewards from sunk enemies in the form of Ganador Coins.

For more information on the expansion: https://uwo.papayaplay.com/uwo.do?tp=seven_wonders

Official Site and Download: https://uwo.papayaplay.com/uwo.do

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